Altruist Dimensional Traveler

Artist : Boopen Doobah (2020)

Title: Altruist Dimensional traveler

 Monotype Block-print

Overriding the skies 

Dancing with the stars 

Vibrating with the galaxies 

Raise your head 


Watch the Dimensional traveler 

Flashing beyond the speed of light 

Defying Neutrinos 

Watch the phenomenal landing 

Of the Altruist Dimensional traveler 

On blue planet

 Just because you cried 

So loud… so loud….so loud 

Crying with a languishing heart



 Chased by a host of dark dominions 

Since your very early age… 

Stop worrying 

Your humble appeal is heard 

And responded by the Most High 

Rejoice now 

Watch the Dimensional traveler 

Standing by your side

 Chasing the demonic powers 

Of darkness 

Feeding on your fears

 Feeding on your blood 

Watch yourself empowered now

 By the Altruist traveler 

Curving dimensional universes 

Reaching you in the flash of a moment 

You are now important

 Having realized the miracle of belief 

Watch yourself as…… 

The Altruist Dimensional traveler