Chemistry and Physics of Artistic Creativity

Artist : Boopen Doobah ( 2019)

Title: Chemistry and Physics of Artistic Creativity

 Acrylic & Mixed Media

Who would have believed? 

That one day, Artists in general would become 

The gems of collectors, scientists, philosophers

 Looking for their Alchemist Stones Within the left aside Creative Gen 

Who would have believed? 

That one day

 Quantum Physics, Chemistry and Art 

Would work hand in hand 

Opening wide research avenues for Humanity

 Neuroscientists have discovered new pathways 

While studying neuronal interactions 

Pertaining to Artistic Creativity 

Artists were once relegated 

As Dopamine and Serotonin dependents 

Science has proved that …. 

Oxytocin, this hypothalamic neuropeptide 

Reactivates creative cognition, …. 

Social bonding and group affiliation 

Through the oxytocin receptor (OXTR) gene 

In this context, Vasopressin complements Oxytocin

 Strengthening philosophical bonding and synchronicity

 Making Artistic Creativity 

An empirical subject for Genomics and Brain research

 Artists are sharing their skills and experience 

Of Creative Conscious and Subconscious Synchronisation 

With Quantum Physicists in respect to ….. 

Photonic and Phononic 

Activation of the brain’s creative ingenious segments 

In search of long awaited 

Artistico- Scientific solutions

 Researchers are now reviewing 

Their Reductionist Theories about Creativity 

Towards Expanded Holistic Approaches

Who would have believed? 

That Artistic Creativity

Would be so instrumental 

In complex Psychosomatic Therapies