Author : Boopen Doobah (May 2020) 

Title: DECODING DA VINCI Quantum Arto– Poem 14/05/2020 @ 3:05 p.m.

Watch Mona Lisa 

Smile ….. Smile …. Smile 

Mysterious Smile 

The closer the smile 

The closer the joy of smiling

 For Smile is infectious 

Mirroring smile 

Like entangled photons 

Smile ….. Smile …. Smile 

Touching deep the brain’s cingulate cortex 

Unconscious automatic response mechanism 

Causing jumps

 Of dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin 

Epigenetic reprograming of cells 

Bringing to mood, the moody 

Through internal phonons resonance

 Keep smiling… keep laughing… Keep smiling

 The brain rejoices in both

 Real or fake 

It makes no difference 

Smile rejoices the embryonic being 

Ultrasounds reveal smiling babies 

Smiling from their very mothers’ womb 

Watch Mona Lisa 

Smile …. Smile …. Smile 

Mysterious Smile 

Transcending DaVinci hidden Sacred Geometry 

Smile …. Smile …. Smile

 Elixir of longevity and wellness 

Rejuvenating the body, mind and soul 

Keep on smiling… Mona Lisa 

Mirroring smile in others


Digesting your millennium smile 

From Middle Ages 

To the very Now moment