From broken mirrors to valued masterpiece

Author : Boopen Doobah (March 2020) Title: From broken mirrors to valued masterpiece

Almost dead at birth 

Reanimated in the last minute 

By the Almighty 


Thy Will be done 

On Earth as it is in Heaven 

Raised by poverty

 Beaten by misery

 Cherished by vulnerability 

Whipped by anxiety 

From the very childhood 

Housed in the woods 

Reared among wild beasts 

Reptiles and snakes 

Biting the body, mind and soul 

Night and day 

Greedily devouring his flesh 

Leaving living bones 

Leaving a broken self 

Shattered dreams 

Like broken mirrors 

Spread across the jungle 

Of horrors and darkened spirits 

Thrown in the depth 

Of tropical seas

 Left at the mercy of piranhas

 And deep ocean predators 

Troubled but no more fearful 

Having lost everything …. 

Left for annihilation 

And here comes…. 

Emerging from deep oceans 

Of Earth and Heaven 

King of the Earthies….. 

World valued living masterpiece 

Assembled by the Masters 

Of Art, Science and Spirituality 

Anointed by the Almighty….