Laura Dorado-Argentina Director International Art Institute Latin America IAMAQ

Academician, Bachelor. Professor of plastic arts. Writer. Illustrator. Teacher of plastic arts majoring in painting Faculty of philosophy and literary studies UN 1992. Degree in plastic arts, majoring in painting. UN faculty of arts T-1989. Licensed in the field of educational technologies. University Of Technology. The regional faculty of tucumán UTN. Two thousand and eleven College Of The Immaculate Conception. Tucuman-1984. 2016 it continues today. Member of the Athens international art organization of Professor Takis Alexius


   Ella sentada 

en la cornisa olvidada 

Entre rocas y fríos arbustos 

Percibe el etéreo llamado 

Ella que ignora la tormenta 

Entre dimensiones 

Bucea sin miedo 

El azul profundo 

que aún no comprende 

pero ya descubrirá.


 She sits 

on the forgotten ledge 

Between rocks and cold shrubs 

Perceives the ethereal called 

She who ignores the storm 

Between dimensions 

Dive without fear 

The deep blue 

you still don't understand

But you'll find out.