Massimo Pregnolato-Italy Scientific General Director IAMAQ

Professor of "Medicinal Chemistry" within the Pharmacy degree course at the De- partment of Drug Sciences, University of Pavia. Director of Quantum Bio Lab. Founder of Quantumbionet in October 2006. Founder of Italian Biocatalysis Center in July 2007. Chief Editor of Quantum Biosystems. Chairman of Quantum Paradigms of Psychopathology (QPP). Member of Scientific Commitee of Istituto  di Ricerca “Paolo Sotgiu” in Psichiatria e Cardiologia Quantitativa ed Evoluzionistica, Università of Lugano, Switzerland." 2010 "Giorgio Napolitano" Medal Prize.

Massimo Pregnolato - The door - Mixed technique - 50x70 - 2010

The field of fireflies

When nature gives you love 

it does it with the shadows of the night 

with the song of crickets and little stars of fireflies 

with the willow that cries dew on the hair 

with the tree reflected on the calm waters of the forest.

 When life gives you love 

it does it with the stretched notes of a song

 with thoughts sent every hour 

with encounters of furtive, hidden glances 

with the same words that escape from the heart.

 When you give me love

 you do it with your kisses and small hands 

with your whispers, the most beautiful verses to my ear

 that a soul has written for us alone 

you do it with your impulses with sounds and colors 

of a child who often doesn't want to come out.