Natalia Morozova, Vice President of IAMAQ (ITALY)

Natalia Morozova Academician, economist, artist, fashion designer Co-Founder, Vice President INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY MAQ – IAMAQ MOVIMENTO ARTE QUANTISTICA (Italy, Milan) 

Chief editor of the magazine ”IAMAQ MAGAZINE” ISSN 2723-9977 IAMAQ Publishing House ISBN 978-88-945771 Member of the jury / expert council of the "Eurasian Art Union" 

Honorary Member of the International Academy of Contemporary Arts Member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia Included in the directory: "Unified Artistic Rating", "Register of professional artists of the Russian Empire, the USSR, Russian abroad, Russian - Federation and the former Soviet Union" 

Creator, author, fashion designer "MODENARO" with Roberto Denti Member of the jury at the Italian Fashion Week "Promenade della moda" Member of Associazione Internazionale FASHION DESIGN (Italy, Milan)

"Code of the universe", oil on canvas, 50x70, 2017