•  07/28/2022 14:34 - 07/30/2022 14:37
  •   Comoros

MEDINA FESTIVAL refers to the life of the ancient city where the formation of musical groups has developed since the 60's, following the example of countries and islands neighboring the Comoros such as the island of Zanzibar. Moreover, the music and songs of Comorian artists and orchestras are often inspired by this region of the east coast of Africa where Arab and Bantu rhythms are mixed and played in "Toirab". The birth of Medina Festival also pays tribute to the ancient musicians and the historical musical life that took place in the traditional cities called MEDINA. Moreover, one of the first orchestras of the Comoros Islands called called "Saif El Watwan" was created in the medina of Mutsamudu in the 1960s. Now in its 14th edition, it will bring together 10 groups including 2 local groups and 8 national and international groups. www.medinafestival.org - contact@medinafestival.org - Tél +33631804450/+262639031511/+2693227377 Facebook: medinafestival

  •  03/12/2022 14:32 - 10/31/2022 14:35
  • Online Event

Arta Indianoceanika Fashion & Media Festival 2022 (Online / In Situ) represents potential socio economic and entrepreneurship particularly for women entrepreneurs, fashion and multimedia designers , and researchers and graduates from the Academia sectors.

  •  03/12/2022 08:01
  • Online Event

ARTA IndianoceanikA Biennale de l'indianoceanie d'Afrique 2022 is the first Virtual Biennale conceived to respond to the exigencies of Artists and Artworld involving participants from the Indian Ocean Africa with extension to International Artists. The Biennale incorporates a virtual museum, of selected Artworks from different artistic disciplines. Additionally will be organized in Mauritius as well as participating countries related live activities in the form of Art Festivals, exhibitions, Quantum Art and Science manifestations, performances, multi media creative videos and films, creative writing and poetry, amongst others . This Biennale is conceived and organized by Mr Boopen Doobah, Founder/President of ARTA IndianoceanikA , IOCDAFRICA, CODEPArt Consortium Mr Doobah is also the director of International Art Institute Indianoceanika. The event is organized with the support of various collaborators and partners including the International Academy Movimento Arte Quantistica (IAMAQ/ Italy) under the leadership of Dr Roberto Denti renowned founder of IAMAQ.